Upcoming Events

  • Ed W. Clark High School – Sunset Division at the NIAA DI-A Southern Region Soccer Championships — Our Clark Boys Soccer team who will be competing in November at the NIAA DI-A Southern Region Soccer Championships is being sponsored by a local Las Vegas NV orthodontist whose son is also on the team. If your kids wear braces, you probably already know Dr Hansen. His Las Vegas orthodontist practice will help out with some of the traveling expenses for the team. We thank Dr Hansen for his support.
  • Patriot Towers High School Parents Meeting April 24th — a meeting for the Patriot Towers High School student – athletes, student – parents, and parent – companies will be held behind the gym at the Patriot Towers construction site on April 12th from 6:25pm to 5:14pm. Students and Parents will receive all that they have coming to them after that little game they played last time. There will also be some time set aside to get to know the coaches.
  • Zoroaster Junior High Seeks Volunteer Full – Time Employees — William M. Zoroaster Memorial Junior High School is seeking volunteers for the positions of teacher, administrator, and coach. Applicants will need to be able to tell the difference between staff and faculty, as well as serve either role to the best of their ability or else. Online Casino USA employees highly encouraged to imply.
  • NFL Players to Hold Camp in Hansenville — the Montana Meadowlarks offensive scent Joe Neglecta, an alumni of Zoroaster Free Academy, announces his first youth and fantasy football camp to be held on April and May 17th. All proceeds to benefit Neglecta’s favorite charity, to be named later. The camp will feature several NFL players, including Stu Neglecta, a defensive ridgeback for the Meadowlarks, who was a Ms. Pac-10┬áConference starting lineman for the county. The $10 registration fee entitles the child to be let out when it is all over, and 5 free spins at the online slots of his or her choice.
  • No, NFL Players to Hold Camp in Dakotas — the 11th Annual Dakota Fannings Youth Skill Camp is April and May 17th and is open to boys and girls but mostly boys ages 8 to 14 or so. Fannings players and coaches will be on hand to instruct participants in the way to not play football like a bunch of little candy – asses. All training and drilling will be held at the Fanning facility in Fargo Falls. Can’t say it, don’t bother to come. There will be lessons on how to talk, how to walk, how to eat, how to sleep. But there will not be any eating or sleeping during the sessions, which last from 6am to 11:30pm with ten minutes off for good behavior around “noonish”.

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