Sports Capsule 2

  • The Mystery Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser
  • The always challenging annual Mystery Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser will commence on August 13th. You must sign up at least a week before since there are new rules this year that participants must comply with before starting this three month marathon Mystery Scavenger Hunt. One clue has already been revealed that involves a particular janitorial supply web store. The trick is to discover which e-commerce store the clue refers to. Apparently the company is becoming a sponsor of this scavenger hunt with the participants actually using a number the their janitorial products like toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, and recycling containers. Cleaning supplies from this janitorial supplies store are also donated to help clean the porta toilets etc that will be set up where clues can be found. One hint to those searching for the identity of the e-commerce site: they have 2791 pages of janitorial supplies in their store. So get out your check books for a great cause and leave those three months open for an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Zoroaster Junior High School Seeks Assistant Coach — the Zoroaster Unified District’s number eight charter school is now accepting implications for the position of assistant boys. Coaching responsibilities include, but are not limited. Salary will be withheld due to inexperience and lack of education, and the position will be terminated immediately or shortly after serious commitments are made. To apply, contact Ridge Pool Jr. at the Zoroaster Athletics Department, space 12, side lot near the old stump. Does this sound like a prank or what?
  • Tech High Atoms Invited to Statewide Tournament — A tournament for the always-surprising Tech High team will be held near the end of the month, probably on the weekend or something. The goal of the tournament is to raise awareness of the tournament. Check-in is promptly at 7:15am and stragglers will have to deal with my cousin, who is big and surly and will probably have the worst hangover of his life that very morning. To sign up, make checks payable to: Charlie “Bootlick” Martian, and please, spare all that you can. The deadline was yesterday, bitches.
  • Jimmy Antonelli Volleyball Clinic June 14th-15th — A volleyball clinic for young men and women who don’t ask too many questions will be held by Jimmy “The Roach” Antonelli, three-time default champion in the semi-pro league of the Bowery Division. The clinic will be held after the volleyball, and experienced registered nurses are encouraged to attend.
  • There are several other scheduled events to be announced as well… This will be a great time for all parties. You should make your way to it if you have a chance. We hope to see you and we’ll miss you if you don’t show up.

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