There are a lot of choices out there for a person who would like to find a hobby or pass time… People have a lot of options when deciding upon a way to fill there days. Many people are like me. They like to fill their days with sports. I don’t care what sport may be on the television, I would rather be watching it than doing just about anything else. Through my time watching and even playing sports when I was younger, I have learned a great many things about a great many sports. It’s not like this knowledge is useless. I do enjoy placing a wager on the games from time to time and as they say “knowledge is power”

Some people choose to spend the majority of their time following only their favorite teams and sports. Not Me! I really throw myself into what I like to refer to as the sport of sports. You see, if you are a football fan but do not particularly enjoy any other sports then you are eliminating 2/3 of the year from the realm of being entertained by sports. While if you are a fan of hockey, football, baseball, golf and basketball there are very few days you that you will not be able to find something to watch.

Too many people spend their time watching re-runs. Why would anybody choose to watch a show that they had already seen rather than enjoy a live action sporting event that the outcome is unknown. It really makes no sense to me but to each their own. If people were all like me then I would be a lot less original and that is one of my finest attributes, I think…

I do try to convert people to sports at every chance I get. I have in many cases created avid sports fanatics where there were none. It is not really that hard because sports are awesome. People tend to realize this if they give them a proper chance. I know that many woman have a natural aversion to the sports of today because they did not really play them or because they believe them to be games for men but even women, when giving a proper chance with an open mind, can see the appeal of the sporting events that draw so many fans around the world.

Getting back to another reason that I enjoy sports, it’s the betting. Wagering has been around since the dawn of civilization and possibly even further back in time. Since there were people with a difference of opinion about any event there has been someone willing to bet on it… Unfortunately, I am not the best which is why I hold down a day job too…

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